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My Writing

A Writer First

I always felt that I could never know enough. Throughout my life my curiosity and desire to learn fueled my desire to write. And so, I write about things that I've experienced, learned or mastered. I do this to help others save time and get to their goal of understanding.

A Renaissance Man

My writing reflects my varied interests. Yes, I've been a businessman, but I've also been a musician. I was a military intelligence briefer, but I also taught music to children. I write technical works for industry, but I also write poetry and songs. Everything I write is meant to be shared.


My writing is meant to serve the people that need what I have written. i hope you find what you need here.

Areas of Interest

Real Estate License Law and Exams

Practical experience in real estate, coupled with an education degree lead me to become a real estate educator. I've worked in every phase of the business, and taught thousands of people over the years. My approach to exam preparation is clear and concise.


A clear understanding of real estate math, and especially the use of the HP12c calculator and Microsoft Excel served me well as a Broker and Loan Officer. My writing on these subjects has served students as well as real estate investors to achieve their goals.

Music: Voice/Guitar

In addition to my B.A. in Music Education, I attained a Masters Degree in Opera Performance. I recorded a CD, "An American Tenor in China" in 2003. I studied Bel Canto singing and have performed many opera roles over the years, even having the opportunity to sing at the Venetian in Las Vegas. I've also been a guitarist and singer/songwriter for most of my adult life. As a writer, I'll be publishing my original books on guitar and voice on this site.

Creative Writing

If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.